Grassley Wins Most Negative in Senate Hypocrisy Club

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa is a proud member of the Senate hypocrisy club who, like his fellow members, have done a jaw dropping flip flops on filling a Supreme Court vacancy in the weeks leading up to a Presidential election. In 2016 Grassley, then Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, refused to hold hearings on President Obama's selection to fill the SCOTUS vacancy created by the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia. When pressed in 2018 if the Senator would support filling a vacancy in the last year of President Trump's first term he said no and stated "It was very legitimate that you can't have one rule for Democrat presidents and another rule for Republican presidents." Senator Grassley now supports holding hearings on Mr. Trump's soon to be announced nomination. Senators McConnell, Graham, Rubio, Cruz, Cotton, Ernst, Gardner and a host of others have done whiplash inducing 180's on the issue - vocally refusing to vote on Obama's nominee in 2016 while gladly embracing Trump's in 2020. Social is not happy with the flopping Senators, however, they have focused more ire towards Senator Grassley. The general takeaway from social is they are not terribly surprised by the others, but had higher expectations for the often principled Mr. Grassley. Senator Grassley is pulling 72% negatives in social media over the last three days.