Biden's Bump. Nice While It Lasted

The Dems wrapped up their virtual convention to loud approval from the left and begrudging faint prasie from some on the right. The four day Zoomfest culminated in Joe Biden's speech accepting the nomination to be the Democratic nominee for Presdient. While Biden beat expectations on his own soap box, overall the convention provided a solid boost to the wouldbe Prez. While pollsters have been saying Biden is enjoying a solid and growing lead, Twitter says not so fast. Trump and Biden were trading the lead in Twitter positives for that last few weeks, however, the convention put real daylight in Biden's favor between the two. Starting the week prior to the convention, the two were hovering like electrons around a high density nucleus, however, by the end of the week, Biden broke free and was pulling 75 percent positives in Twitter compared to 43 percent positive for POTUS. Biden's 75 percent positves also grabbed him top spot in morning after comparisons of all speakers at the Dem's big top show, save for Gabby Giffords, who was pulling 95 percent positives after her emotional speech.