Biden Outbumps Trump But Both End Up Where They Started

The conventions are over so the post-mortems begin. Looking at how Twitter ranks the candidates, Joe Biden far outstripped President Trump in positive reaction to their respective conventions, however, post conventions, both candidates appear to be more or less where they started, with Biden slightly ahead. Positives for @JoeBiden peaked on August 21st, the day after his acceptance speech at 75 percent. Positives for @realDonaldTrump peaked on August 25th, the second night of the GOP convention, Melania's night, at 61 percent. Interestingly, positives for Trump only reached 49 percent the day after his acceptance speech. So where does this leave the candidates? Pretty much where they started. On August 17th, prior to the conventions, both candidates were pulling 47 percent positive in Twitter. Today, one day after, Biden is pulling 50 percent positives to Trump's 49 percent positives.