A Quick Honeymoon for Harris, Now Back to the Trenches

Yes, Kamala Harris made history becoming the first African American and Asian American woman to get the VP nod from a major party. Yes, Kamala Harris is a highly qualified candidate who has received high praise from the Democratic elite. And yes, Kamala Harris is already receiving the vitriolic attacks from her opponents both she and Joe Biden expected, albeit a bit earlier than the pundits predicted. Positives for Ms. Harris ramped up in the run up to Biden's long anticipated announcement, peaking on the day of her selection to an imprsssive 80 percent positive. Given the broad spectrum of opinions in social media, politicians are lucky to get above sea level in positives, which makes social's reaction to the announcement all the more impressive. However, the honeymoon was short lived and the attack dogs have been pulling her positives down since her high point on August 11th. As of late yesterday Ms. Harris was pulling 42 percent positives, still seven points higher than the start of her rise, however, on a precipitous trajectory down as the trench warfare begins in earnest.