Both Sides Turn on Twitter Over "Fact Checked" Trump

Twitter took an unprecedented step in labeling two POTUS tweets as in need of fact checking. Twitter took the bold step in reaction to Trump's tweets suggesting mail in ballots lead to voter fraud. The label "Get the facts about mail-in ballots" was added to the two tweets setting off nuclear reaction from the White House to the keyboards of Twitter users.

The firestorm broke into three camps. Trump supporters torching the social media platform. Trump non-supporters who went after Twitter for not going further in outright banning POTUS. And those who supported Twitter for its actions.

Those who felt Twitter had not gone far enough focused in part on Mr. Trump's recent Twitter attacks on former Congressman and current television personality Joe Scarborough. Trump's tweets all but accuse Scarborough of killing former aid Lori Klausutis two decades ago. A medial examiner determined Ms. Klausutis unfortunately died of an accidental fall brought on by a heart problem.

Overall, @Twitter was pulling 35.5 percent positives for the move.