VP Pence Quarantined by Social for Mask Ducking at the Mayo

Vice President Mike Pence visited the Mayo Clinic to tour the COVID 19 research facility. As head of the President’s Coronavirus task force his visit was well in keeping with his mandate of helping guide the country through the pandemic. And while all health professionals have urged people to wear masks while in close contact with others, the Veep decided vanity was the better part of valor and refused to wear a mask while touring the facilities even after his guests at the Mayo Clinic urged Mr. Pence to mask up for the safety of other healthcare workers with whom he would come into contact.

Twitter pounced and decried the irony and irresponsibility of Mr. Pence's failure to wear a mask. While @VP was pulling a paltry 25 percent positives for the day and day after his visit to the Mayo Clinic, social wasn't pulling an punches, calling the VP arrogant, irresponsible and selfish.