Social Pulls Together In Support of Together at Home

Some of the world's top artists gave their time and voices to help raise spirits and funds for the World Health Organization in its efforts to combat the COVID pandemic. Saturday's One World Together At Home event drew over 20 million of viewer, raised just shy of $128 million in donations for the World Health Organization and pulled over 90% positives in social media.

While all performers pulled in very high marks, Kacey Musgraves and John Legend took home top honors pulling 98 percent positives from social for their performances. Others cracking 90 percent positives included Shawn Mendes at 94, Celine Dion and the Rolling Stones at 93, and Elton John at 92. Lady Gaga, one of the organizers, also received high marks pulling 89 percent positives.

The event is a reminder of how community can pull together in challenging times to take the edge off of our often less than supportive selves. Even, Taylor Swift, who is typically a polarizing celeb in social pulled 81 percent positives, a meaningful bump in support for the artist who is often hovering in the 60's percent positive by the social's vocal critics.