Trump Tests Negative for COVID-19 and for Social

Fortunately the President received good news in testing negative for COVID-19, however, that's the only good news the coronavirus has provided to Mr. Trump. Despite giving himself a 10 out of 10 on his administration's response to the coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic has not been a friend to the President.

Prior to the outbreak, opinions from social media on the President had him hovering in his typical range of mid to high 40 percent positives with a short spike into the elusive 50 plus percent positive range for a few days. However, since the outbreak it has been a consistent slide for POTUS, down to 38 positive as of the publishing of this post. The President's recent low water mark was on March 13th where @RealDonaldTrump pulled 69% negatives after his speech to the nation. Since the speech the President has clawed back some positives with his daily briefings, however, has yet to crack 40 percent positives.

Mr. Trump has bounced back time and again in social media despite statements and events that would have ended the careers of other politicians. Time will tell if he, and the country, can recover from this downturn.