Jill Biden is a Rising Star, and “A Badass”

Joe Biden took a victory lap last night outperforming the pundits and jumping to a big delegate lead over rival Bernie Sanders after Super Tuesday. And while the former VP was smokin’ his better half made sure nothing would put out that fire.

As protestors stormed the stage during Biden’s victory speech in Los Angeles last night Jill Biden jumped in between the protesters and her husband to restrain the protesters and keep them from her none too happy husband. While there is some doubt if the protesters wanted to harm the newly re-crowned Democratic frontrunner, Jill Biden wasn’t going to let anyone take away from Biden’s moment in the sun. Her quick actions earned the badge of “badass” from social media and 81 percent positives so far today.

Jill Biden has also been a bit of a social rising star in her own right, seeing a steady increase in her positives over the last month from the mid 40’s to the mid 60’s percent positives. While the volumes of posts on her have been modest to date, they skyrocketed over 500 percent after last night’s events.