Andrew Cuomo, America's Governor?

According to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, his brother Andrew is an "alpha male" and a fighter. He is also the Governor of New York which is now the epicenter of Covid-19 cases in the country. Governor Cuomo is fighting hard to ensure New York has the medical resources to address what he, and his scientific staff see as a tsunami of hospitalizations in the coming weeks.

Often at odds with the President and the Federal Government's response to the crisis, Governor Cuomo is leveraging his eloquence in front of the camera and his muscle behind the camera to secure the hospital beds and medical supplies necessary to address the worse case projections of this outbreak. And the people of New York are appreciative.

Over the last two weeks @NYGovCuomo has been pulling 65 percent positives in Twitter. These are impressive numbers for any elected official, however, the trend line suggests his support may be waning. Since his highpoint of 82 percent positive on March 21st the Governor's numbers have been dropping steadily to 48 percent positive on March 29th. By way of comparison, @realDonaldTrump is pulling 35 percent positives for March 29th.

Based on his popularity there has been some discussion in social media about Andrew Cuomo replacing Joe Biden as the Democratic 2020 Presidential nominee, and while we've not seen any momentum on this meme yet, it is one we are watching closely.