The Bloom is Off the Bloomberg Rose as Warren Wins The Night

The gloves came off Wednesday night in Nevada at the 9th Democratic debate of the 2020 race for the White House. It was the first debate showing for Michael Bloomberg, who was on the bubble since he had not yet been 2020 tested. The other five candidates came with their spears sharpened, wanting to pop that bubble and keep the 2020 mosh pit to themselves.

Senator Warren came out on the attack and never let up on the former New York mayor, however, in a rare show of unity, all other debate tested candidates piled on Bloomberg who failed to beat back the attacks as his supporters had hoped.

Social media didn’t wait either and quickly chose the night’s winner in Elizabeth Warren, beating out a strong second place showing by former Vice President Biden. As of today noon EST today social’s ranking is as follows:Warren 50% positive, Biden 46% positive, Sanders 44% positive, Buttigieg 39% positive, Klobuchar 36% positive, and Bloomberg 32% positive.

The drivers behind sentiment for each candidate provide additional insights into social’s collective thinking. A short highlight of each candidate follows:

Elizabeth Warren – The driving negative sentiment for Warren was social’s echoing of Jennifer Rubin’s post-debate tweet observing “Mean and angry Warren is not a good look”. Posts echoing Rubin’s tweet pulled Warren’s positives down 1%.

Bernie Sanders – Sanders took a hit on discussion around the aggressive nature of his supporters. This meme cost the Senator 4% in positives and pulled him down to 44% positive from 48% positive when adjusting for the negative fallout from the more aggressive Bernie Bros online.

Joe Biden – Biden had a much needed strong performance on the debate stage, however, protesters calling out his record on immigration pulled his positives down 1%.

Pete Buttigieg –The former Mayor had a less than stellar evening in comparison to his other debate showings. Buttigieg took some hits from his attack on Klobuchar, however, the meme dominating discussion on the former Mayor is Tucker Carlson’s well timed interview of Buttigieg’s brother-in-law, Pastor Rhyan Glezman. Pastor Glezman’s statement that “Everything Pete is pushing is ‘anti-God’” was quickly picked up in social and cost Buttigieg 1% in positives.

Amy Klobuchar – Senator Klobuchar was one of the losers Wednesday night after very strong showing in all previous debates. Unable to have her breakout moment as she had in previous debates, Klobuchar took social’s fire for her terse exchanges with Buttigieg on a number of fronts, including forgetting the name of the Mexican President, which exchange was viewed by social media as a waste of time and hurt both candidates.

Michael Bloomberg - Bloomberg suffered a non-stop freshman hazing, however, he did little to impress social media of his ability to stand up to his attackers. Dominating the discussion in social media was Warren’s consistent attacks on everything from stop and frisk to his treatment of women. The attacks hurt Warren as well, however, much less so than former Mayor, who ended up with a bottom of the pack finish.

The gloves are off. Bloomberg is likely hoping for muddled outcomes in Nevada and South Carolina before his first real test with voters on Super Tuesday.