Everyone Loses in Dem’s South Carolina Debate Bar Fight

The Democratic 2020 Presidential candidates took off the gloves once again and did their level best to kneecap one another at the most recent Democratic debate before the first big diversity test of the primary season on Saturday in South Carolina. Tuesday’s debate is the last debate before the State’s important primary and the critical Super Tuesday contest on March 2nd with one-third of the delegates up for grabs.

With the exception of Mike Bloomberg whose “not quite as bad” performance actually gave him a 2% bump in post-debate positive sentiment, everyone else took a significant hit in sentiment. While the results above provide for a relatively even performance across the remaining candidates, the change in morning after results from the last debate gave all candidates “walk of shame” honors.

The drop in positive sentiment for each candidate from February 20th to 26th is as follows: Sanders (-12), Biden (-11), Warren (-12), Buttigieg (-8), and Klobuchar (-10).

Of equal importance is who grabbed what share of social media’s attention. The graph below shows distribution of discussion among the candidates on February 20th compared to February 26th.

While Mike Bloomberg dominated discussion volumes post both debates he sacrificed some of his buzz to Biden and Sanders, with Biden showing the best bump in discussion volume, an important metric to grab vote totals.

Discussion volumes also paint a dire picture for Mayor Buttigieg and Senator Klobuchar, who hold their own in positive sentiment, however, their discussion volumes suggest less than stellar vote totals going into the critical next few days.